Monday, January 10, 2011

Yuletide's Last Hurrah

Yuletide's Last Hurrah
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At the risk of having my next-door neighbors think I am stalking them, today's shot also comes from their doorstep. What can I say? It's pretty classy over there!

Their wreath is still looking fantastic, but it's on the ground next to the door right now. I cropped a shot I took, then boosted the color a bit and blurred the edges in, all using iPhoto.

Today was a bit crazy, but yesterday I took a number of shots I liked, and even a few I was proud of once I edited them a little. This was one of those.

I love Christmas. I love the music, the decor, the holiday spirit. But most of all, I love its true meaning, what it stands for, and the message of hope it brings. We live in a world that can sometimes feel completely devoid of hope. Now that my son is approaching seven, I don't know how many more years of magical Christmas seasons we'll get. But this one was wonderful for him, and for us by extension.

For my neighbors, in front of whose house I took yesterday's and today's Project 365 shots, this was their first Christmas with their baby boy. I am so happy for them. I remember that joy. Our son's first Christmas was less than a month before he turned one. We spent it in Britain. He doesn't remember it, of course. All that travel made it a little hectic. This year, we stayed home. It was quiet. We have no family nearby. And it was still okay.

So, even though there's a lot going on between now and next November (when I start celebrating and breaking out the Christmas music), I'll hold on tightly to that little remnant of Christmas spirit for as long as I can.

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