Sunday, January 09, 2011

Pots Aplenty

Pots Aplenty
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Before church this morning, my son and I went to get the office chair for my husband and I that we got $80 cheaper than if we had bought it yesterday when we were at OfficeMax getting some other stuff at 20% off. So after church and lunch with friends, we brought the chair home and hubby got home from work shortly thereafter.

Then it would be chair building time. Cameron was anxious to help Daddy, so I knew a task that would normally take half an hour could expand to an hour or more. For the sake of my blood pressure as an innocent bystander, I grabbed hubby's new camera and went for a walk around the neighborhood.

I took a number of pictures I like, but as I headed home I spotted some things right next door on my neighbors' steps. I took a couple of pictures of these flowers pots because I really liked their arrangement. Then, in iPhoto, I boosted the colors just a bit to make this richer.

It ended up being my best shot of the set, but a few others may make appearances in the coming week depending on how busy things get around here.

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