Saturday, January 08, 2011

Memories Captured

Memories Captured
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Been a bit busy today and forgot to take many pictures. But we've been working at preserving our memories lately. I found this picture of my mother and father and moved it into this frame I had gotten as a gift at some point. In the background is a multi-frame my husband's been filling with shots from our recent trips.

The picture of my parents was from a place they stopped on one of their last drives to and from California to visit us. They visited after, but only via airplane from New Jersey. My father loved driving cross-country, but as they got closer to their 70s, we convinced them that flying was safer, quicker, and easier.

Today I spoke to a neighbor about his recent loss of his mother. It brought up a lot of feelings about losing my Dad (March 28, 2008). My neighbor's mother was diagnosed with cancer in mid-November, and it destroyed her body VERY fast. She died on December 22. With my father, we had no warning (as little time as six weeks is, granted), but we also did not have to watch him deteriorate like that.

Losing a parent, even though you know that's the natural order of things, is never easy, and it's not something you ever really get over. I feel so much for my neighbors. They've had a rough year or so with losing both their dogs since November 2009 and now this crushing blow. They've been together 20 years, so she was a mother to both of them. I just keep thinking of both of them as they face some big changes ahead and try to find a way to cope.

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