Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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My husband and I just bought an Executive (with a capital E) office chair. He uses it during the day when I am at work (he's self-employed and does some of his work from home), and I use it once I get home. The dining room table, which resides in our living room (long story) has a special place at the end of it where the new chair stays and I sit with my laptop in the evenings now.

It's better all around than lying on the couch with the laptop literally in my lap, looking upwards at the screen, right? Tonight I am working on getting EyeFi cards working with my new Canon SD1300IS. (Hubby has the blue one, and my brown one arrived today!) So this has been my view this evening.

So I need to get back to setting up and experimenting with the EyeFi cards. This was a quick, fun diversion.

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