Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Diet Elixirs

New Year's Diet Elixirs
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So I still had $130.75 left on Target gift cards (thanks, kids!) and I decided to buy my husband a new camera. He has our first digital camera we bought just under seven years ago, shortly after our son was born. Sadly, I dropped it a few years ago. So, while it DOES take really good pictures, the screen is jacked AND the on/off situation is sketchy at best.

We picked up a soft-sided case, an 8GB SDHC card, and also a new case for his iPhone -- since that broke last week too.

Battery finally charged, so while we're both laughing away to Kathleen Madigan -- recorded on DVR when we realized her language is a tad too blue for our first grader to overhear -- I just took a few quick snaps with it. This is the only one I really liked.

But I plan to try the camera some more this week, and Alec will too, of course. So I should be able to post some more from the new camera as well as my own and my iPhone too.


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