Sunday, November 19, 2006

A rather reflective O.G.

Okay, so, I suppose I come off as a bit caustic and sarcastic in my writing. Two different people whose opinions I respect commented on that.


In other news, my son (now GeoTykeCSM) and I did some geocaching today. He doesn't really get it, since he's only turning three in a couple of months, but he DOES get that we found (and played on) some new swingparks today. Is "swingpark" a word used here in the States? Living with foreigners, I sometimes lose track of terminology.

I am now up to sixteen finds, but I did a lot of snooping of caches I could not get to with Cammy. I will have to go back for those, some under cover of darkness or if it rains soon on a day when I have time, that would be even better.

As for how I feel about the state of education and technology and all that stuff . . . I am still ripe with fervor, but feeling a little subdued just now. The O.G. is getting O.L.D.

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