Thursday, November 01, 2012

November 1: Let the DigiWriMo Begin! (50K in 30 days)

I've decided to take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words (digitally) during the month of November. That's an average of 1,667 words per day. Once I get on a tear, I can knock out 1500-2000 words in a sitting no problem, so I am hoping this won't be too difficult a challenge for me.

I'm not completely sure how Digital Writing Month ("DigiWriMo") works as far as content is concerned, but I think there are some activities and prompts scattered throughout the month. In the meantime, I have been thinking a lot about the topic of friendship recently. I've changed jobs recently, and I live on the other side of the continent from all the people with whom I grew up. I've been in California for fifteen years now, but I have been in a few different jobs, so the pool of potential friends has shifted quite a bit over those years.

So in the past few months, as I make new friends at my new job and adjust to having left the old one, I've been mulling over this entire concept of friendship. How do we define it? Why does it mean different things to different people? What shapes our view of friendship and the value we place on friends in our lives?

I'm going to look back through some of the friendships I have had in my lifetime and reflect on why I think they worked out well, and possibly why they no longer exist today. That will be my plan for DigiWriMo, plus whatever else the organizers of the project throw at me.

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