Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Haircuts and Five Generations

Tonight, I decided to make a video blog after Cameron had already gone to bed.

On a different note, I saw on the news tonight that a 36-year old man ran a red light and crashed into a minivan, injuring all the people inside and killing the youngest, a six year-old boy named Isaac Young. As it turns out, a 3rd grade teacher at my school is the mother of Isaac's kindergarten teacher. It sickens me enough when I learn of these things on the news. When it happens here in my city, I get a little scared. I remember that things like this do happen all the time to people when no one expects them to.

But then there's this tangential connection to people I know. That just shakes me to my core. My son turned five less than a month ago, and the thought of something like that happening to him makes me a little scared to ever let him out of my sight or out of the house.

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