Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Video Blogging with the Wee Man

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Just thought I would share a typical conversation between me and my son. He says as little as he can get away with when I want to know how school went on a given day.

Today was Snow Day in TK (transitional kindergarten). We don't get actual snow here, so they made some from this polymer thing -- you add water, then keep it in the fridge to get cold. His teacher sent me a couple of pictures to prove that Cam actually dug in with his hands and played along. (He doesn't like to get stuff on his hands.)


Meredith FAVORITE RELATIVE=) said...

heyy aunt diane n cameron. Nanny and I think this is a very cute video. We got snow here too but lots of it and its very cold. One day you'll get to come visit Nanny and us in New Jersey and we'll play in the snow here. Love you <3

Beth Rackliffe said...

That is so cute. You are so many steps ahead of me on this blogging thing... even your son can video blog :)