Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I love my job, but . . . . .

I have discovered (again) what I don't like about teaching: grading papers.

Even though many of our "papers" this year are electronic, I still stink at the follow-through on assignments. I love coming up with ideas for projects and assignments. I love delivering instruction. I also happen to think I am rather good at both. I really love seeing where the kids take these projects, too. Some of them are really developing some amazing skills and honing their geekly talents.

But then I have to grade all that stuff. To be fair, my co-teacher does more of the grading than I do. And she's way better at it and more efficient than I am. But we're still swamped, and a week from today we have a deadline: progress report grades and comments need to be in.

These little deadlines and grading reports are what get me. After a full year . . . and even better, a few years from now, after several years in this program . . . parents, students, and teachers are going to be FLOORED by how amazing this program is, by how much the kids have learned, by how much they are growing in technology. But right now, when the program is only halfway through its first year, it's hard to make them have that kind of vision.

But I know how amazing it will come to be.

And that's what consoles me.

Just a bit.

Speaking of follow-through, I need to get on the stuff I have planned as part of my Googe Certified Teacher commitment. Better get on that.

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